Your house or office relocation can be disastrous if you don’t have all the important moving tools and equipment. Right tools, equipment and packing supplies is the core of safe and smooth relocation. With moving tools and good planning, your moving will be easier and safer. In general, normally people don’t have all the important moving tools and equipment, therefore, they hire professional movers to make the house or office relocation hassle-free. Professional moving companies have their own moving equipment and they provide you with full service moving.

Moving Champs is also one of the best removalist companies in Brisbane providing full-service moving with high-tech tools and equipment to move all the belongings safely to the destination place. We arrive at your place on the decided moving date with our tools and packing supplies and manage everything properly without creating any trouble for you and your goods. Moving Champs serve you complete relocation service so that you don’t have to lift or move anything on your own.

Now you must be thinking about what types of moving tools and equipment Moving Champs uses for the relocation process. In our earlier blogs (PACKING – THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS BEST RELOCATION EXPERIENCE), we have already discussed the types of packing supplies that are used during moving. Here in this piece of writing, you will get to know about the moving tools used by Moving Champs.

Types of Moving Tools and Equipment

Here is the list of all the essential moving tools which is used by Moving Champs to make your move perfect and smooth.  

Moving Pads And Blankets

To double the protection of your goods moving blankets and pads are used. This provides better cushioning than plastic wrapping and bubble wraps. Moving pads are used to protect the corners of furniture and other heavy articles. The moving blankets are sufficiently thick and guard your goods from scratches and dents. Even these blankets protect delicate articles and prevent them from moisture and dirt.

Moving Champs uses these pads and blankets over bubble wrapping to make the move safer and damage-free. We simply wrap these blankets around all the furniture and heavy appliances with some packing tape or cords to keep the blankets and pads in place. Moving blankets and pads are an essential and versatile tool, and used by almost every good moving companies. There are different types of moving blankets like supreme blankets, pro blankets, etc, you can choose any of them according to your moving requirement.

Moving van

Moving Van outside the house

Even if you are planning to move by yourself, then of course you are not going to purchase a van, which is an essential moving tool. If you are shifting house or office locally and to move all the goods a van is necessary and sufficient. Moving Champs offers the complete relocation solution with Man with a Van service in Brisbane. We securely pack and load all your belongings safely into the van. Hiring van service for moving in local areas is affordable and safe.

Choose the right vehicle according to the size of your goods. Cargo van, small van, pick-up truck, and many other variants are available in our organisation, just make the right choice to guard your goods during moving. The cost of hiring van service varies due to several factors like moving distance, size of goods, type of van, fuel cost, etc. You can ask for a free quote for better estimation.

Moving Dollies

Moving dollies are the essential moving equipment to make everything move without any stress.

It is also very common equipment used by many removalist companies. This saves lots of time and called the best buddies of moving companies. It guarantees a damage-free relocation of goods. Moving dollies saves extra efforts and hard work needed for moving heavy articles. It prevents movers and you from any kind of personal injuries caused due to heavy lifting of furniture, washing machine, etc.

Moving Champs uses two types of dollies – Utility Dolly and Furniture Dolly. You can ask for both or any type of moving dollies according to your requirements. Utility dolly is also called a hand truck and used to move heavy items, moving boxes, etc. It is secure and can handle near 500 pounds of weight. As the name suggest furniture dollies are used to move furniture effortlessly. These moving dollies are larger in size than utility moving dollies and used to move bookcases, pianos, pool tables, etc. It has a carrying capacity of around 1000 lbs.

Safety Straps And Moving Ropes

Two women holding drawer with the help of moving straps

No house or office relocation is complete and safe without moving straps and ropes. It is the most general but important component of secure moving. Moving ropes protects the items during moving in dollies and even protect the goods falling from the truck while moving. The safety strap is magic, it is very much useful during the lifting and loading of heavy things. By using these straps we can move your heavy articles like furniture, washing machine effortlessly.

For the perfect relocation, Moving Champs uses various kinds of moving straps and ropes. We use them for the comprehensive security of your goods during the relocation process. Here are the following moving straps and ropes we use for safe moving:

  • Shoulder Straps – It is a moving harness used to lift heavy household objects, furniture pieces, electrical appliances, etc. Shoulder straps are a two-person system where the straps are on the shoulders to hold and lift items in the relocation process.
  • Forearm Forklift – It is also a two-person system to lift objects and looks similar to shoulder straps but its harness hold by the forearms of the working person. It is also used to lift heavy objects.
  • Elastic Straps – These are used to secure large objects while moving. It provides safety to object from falling while moving or when they are loaded in moving dollies. Elastic straps are made up of nylon that provides good strength and elasticity.
  • Ratchet Tie-Down Straps – It is also used during the transportation of goods. Ratchet straps protect your goods from movements and shift while transportation. Moving Champs use these straps to make your move damage-free.
  • Ropes –  It is used for fixing and securing purpose during relocation.

Furniture Moving Sliders

A furniture slider is a great moving tool. It is made up of plastic and hard rubber. This helps to move and shift furniture smoothly without damaging the flooring of the house or office. It makes the furniture sliding easy and protect your back from strain and injuries. We just place the furniture slider below the heavy furniture and then move it. There are different type of sliders available for different types of floors like wooden floor, ceramic tile, laminated flooring, etc. Moving Champs is ready for all versatile floors and furniture.

Hand Gloves

Safety hand gloves is a typical moving tool and equipment, used by movers to protect their hands and proper grip while lifting and loading the articles into the truck. It is made up of canvas and leather that serves a good grip. Since it is difficult to hold different shapes of articles all time during relocation. Therefore, a pair of safety gloves is really necessary on moving day. We use high-quality working gloves that properly covers your hands, wrists, fingers. A good pair of gloves save things from accidental slips.

Toolbox (Tool kit)


These are the most important things that anyone can find in every house and workplace. A handy toolbox is useful everywhere in any situations. Moving Champs removal team carries a specialized portable toolbox to move or open screws of furniture, holders, etc. Our toolbox consists of scissors, measuring tape, flashlight, utility knife, screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, and tiny nails. The handy toolbox is the most necessary thing on moving day.


Moving tools and equipment is the core element of moving companies. So, don’t worry about your small or big move. Moving Champs is a well-trusted and emerging company in the field of removalists and movers due to our specialized tools and techniques.

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