Shifting to a new location means taking too many decisions in a short amount of time. From appointing the best movers to selecting the required moving date, the number of work can become downright crushing. An essential moving decision is also the most difficult to choose the appropriate moving organization. There is no need of choice competing for your enterprises with hundred of interstate and local moving companies in the nation. It is necessary to ask the correct query before hiring a moving company for the appointment. To find the relocation organization bets fit your exact requirement, here are some questions which you should ask them first:


Are You Professionally Licensed?

To avoid frauds and rogue movers, make sure to ask your moving company which your hire for your relocation is appropriately licensed or not. All proficient moving organizations should have always been an authorized number issued by the Australian Department of Transportation. All you can do is scan their licence number, and if there is any problem seen, you can complain about them. On the contrary, local moving enterprises that only migrate customers within the same region are controlled by the state – not the Australian Department of Transportation. Therefore, regional moving companies should maintain a state license. It is necessary to note that each region has its moving laws and license requirements.

Naturally, if you choose Best Removal Brisbane for your task to perform, you won’t have to worry about asking this question. Every moving professional organization we operate with is required to be authorized and certified.


Do your moving company guarantee delivery dates?

Any moving company gives you an accurate estimate of when your precious possessions are likely delivered to your new desired destination. They guarantee their delivery dates, and they could very well be delayed without owing you anything.

When a mover ensures your delivery date, it’s committing—in the paper—to have your shipment at your desired destination by an exact day. But if it is not written, it is not ensured that possessions will be on the same date, even if a nosy customer service representative calls it one. Of course, things occur, and sometimes moving vehicles are late, even if you have an exact delivery date. Your professional movers should compensate you for part of your payment if this occurs. But this does not help you get your chattels to you earlier, but it is challenging to defeat an overlooked move, even if it is a little late.


What if I need to cancel?

There are several reasons to cancel your move. One of them is when sometimes you do not get a job you are planning on. Find out what your reasons are why you need to cancel. Most companies will let you cancel your move free of cost, and some will allow you to withdraw the day before your relocation without a fine. Fewer will hold all or part of your deposit cancel within a certain amount of time before your move, but there might even be additional cancellation fees.


Do your moving company offer shipment trekking?

It is easy to get impatient when you eagerly wait for your precious items to be delivered to your destination. Fortunately, some moving organizations offer shipment tracking so that you can get accurate updates of your precious belongings. Shipment tracking varies from GPS tracking through the organization website, and you can ask for a current update related to your possessions. Unluckily, this service is not always delivered by some companies. It should not be a deal-breaker, but cargo tracking put your mind at ease during a move.


What do you consider extra service? And how much do you charge for them?

The answer is distinct for the different organizations, so make this part clear- what about packing services, transport services, parking issues, storage fees, warehouse handling and fuel cost or fees of disassembly of furniture pieces etc. Examine all these things and cut as many costs as possible with proper preparation. Always remember to ask your movers if they charge extra for travel time to and from your home, too.


Does your moving company offer moving insurance?

The security of your precious possessions during the shifting is essential. Find out about insurance from the movers you plan to hire. Most of the moving companies offer insurance at extra costs. Many insurance policies are founded on the significance of your items. All you need to do is consider your possessions value and what the insurance policy will deliver if your belongings are lost or damaged during the moving process. Before you opt for the best moving insurance, see your house insurance if it provides you extra coverage for your move. Before choosing any moving company, please find out the insurance your company offers you and its costs to purchase it.


How do you handle damages and complaints?

When you decide with a long-distance moving corporation, the hope and belief are always that your items will arrive in the same state they left in and that you will have no cause for complaint. But it is always a good idea to find out how moving companies will handle complaints or issues if things go sidewards. The moving company you opt for should have a clear guideline and explain the procedure. They may even be able to deliver you some examples of settled claims. If they cannot provide you with an outline of how the damage or complaint procedure goes, you should start looking elsewhere.



Organizing for a long-distance move is a big deal. It can be massive by getting everything managed, packed, and placed, and choosing the right mover to assist with your relocation can feel incredibly disconcerting.

Ensuring yourself by finding a reliable long-distance moving crew will help you coordinate your motion and decrease some of your stress. Asking Best Removals Brisbane for the correct queries that can help you check out whether we are the right fit for you or not:

*How long has your company been in business? Do you have referrals and recommendations?

*What kind of liability coverage or insurance is available?

*Do you have the proper tools and types of equipment to handle my move?

*What kind of packing supplies or storage services are available?

*Who will be offloading my precious possessions at the destination?

*Can you deliver an on-site binding estimate?

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