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House Removal Services in Greenslopes

House Removalists Greenslopes, Brisbane

It is sad to say goodbye to your friends, colleagues, fun places, and warm, comfortable surroundings. With all that emotional stress in your head, moving isn't that easy. In fact, it's stressful! Shifting to a new place starts with a long difficult process, wrapping, packaging, arranging boxes, moving from heavy bulky stuff like your lovely piano or a pool table to your delicate antiques, is quite risky and arduous. Some people take this work lightly and in that process either they damage the property or hurt themselves.

If you too feel that it's not easy for you to manage to shift on your own, and want to make the event bother- free and effortless, we are here to help you out."Moving Champs" comes with a pre-planned maneuver in removalists service. We don't compromise with professionalism and deliver the best removalists service across Greenslopes, Brisbane. Long being in Removalists service, we have gained a lot of experience in house removal services. Along with that we also provide office removalists, furniture removalists, piano removals, pool table removals and the man with van removal service in Greenslopes, Brisbane.

"Moving Champs" offers you the most professional, efficient, streamlined and well-organized removalists service in Greenslopes, Brisbane. We are AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalists Association) Approved removalists. We have well-skilled and experienced removalists. Moving Champs have 10 techno specialized moving trucks to carry your bulky households as smoothly as possible and with zero risks of damage. Our aim is to bring our customers the finest and matchless removalists service in Australia.

Moving Champs warehousing facilities provide both short term and long term storage options, just ask for this extra service during your moving quotes. We own the biggest moving trucks of all sizes from 2-tonne van to 12-tonne truck.

Reasons to choose Moving Champ as House Removalists:


Moving Champs only hire experienced staff, when it comes to staffing. Our aim is to bring the most satisfying removalists experience to our customers. We as having the tag of Best Removalists in Greenslopes, Brisbane cannot compromise with the quality of service.

Hiring a well trained and experienced staff is on top of our priority list. People often choose small scale removalists service who lack trained employees and hire casual staff which most often leads to the poor moving experience. Since our staff is well experienced, dedicated and attentive, they take care of your belongings throughout the journey leaving no stone unturned.


Moving Champs offers its customers a premium quality service which includes updated technology, which gives cost-effective service, on-time completion and zero damage to the belongings.


Packaging for us defines the standard of our service because in the end your belongings should not get damaged and reach safely. That's why it is the most integral part of the whole process. Moving Champs provides top quality packaging service, be it packaging experts to proper packaging boxes. Our solid packaging containers provide your valuable belongings with a layer of protection, from breakage or any type of harm.


Moving champs provide its customers with a variety of services, for example, storage and backloading solutions, lifting heavy material, numerous packaging options, packaging supplies, unloading, and unwrapping, on the spot moving solutions, assembling the belongings to the new place, and whatnot.


The use of advanced technologies and machines becomes a necessity when it comes to lifting heavy things like Bed, Bathing tub, Almirah, pool table, etc. In such cases having moving dollies and trolleys not only untangle the complicated part of the whole moving process but also brings a sense of security in our customers that their valuable belongings are much safer.


Moving Champs, Greenslopes, Brisbane has the best customer support service which helps our customers whenever they are in any doubtful situations. We as the best removalists in Greenslopes, Brisbane offer our customers a highly trained customer care staff who answers the queries and doubts related to any of our removalists services.

Moving Champs is the best removalists in Greenslopes, Greenslopes, Brisbane offers the most professional, well mannered and polite customer support staff. None of our customers' queries goes unanswered.

Advanced Features of Moving Champs Removalists Service

Packing and Unpacking

Packing is a vital part of the whole moving process. Moving Champs have the best-trained packers who pack your precious belongings with utmost safety. Our packers safely wrap, box and label your items. Unpacking is another side of the same coin. When your items safely reach the final destination, it does not mean that our duty ends there. Our team will make sure to safely unwrap all the items and place them to your desired locations.

Our Premium Service

Moving Champs, Greenslopes, Brisbane top-class premium services includes-

  1. Customized and high-quality packing materials
  2. Special Offers and discounts
  3. No hidden terms and conditions
  4. No Hidden Charges
  5. Insurance Policy
  6. Latest technologies and machines
  7. Warehousing facilities
  8. Unpacking and relocating
  9. 24*7 in-transit monitoring in the case of interstate moving.

Art and antique handling

We understand the complications in moving with your precious art and antiques, for that matter we offer to our customers a wide range of protection options. Moving Champs provide custom-built crates, bubble wraps, layer the sensitive antiques with a blanket or silicon paper to prevent any scratch or crack.

Oversized items

Furniture Removalists

Moving Champs, Greenslopes not only takes care of moving your tiniest antiques with the highest protection but also your oversized households like Bed, Bathtub, Almirah, Fridge, etc.

Pool table Removalists

Moving Champs, Greenslopes provides the best pool table removalists service in the entire Greenslopes, Brisbane. For that, we first examine the pool table, disassemble it, pack it safely, move it with the help of advanced machines and safely reassemble it and relocate it to the final destination.

Piano Removalists

Moving a Piano isn't easy. It requires approximately 6-8 people to relocate a piano. Moving Champs being long experienced in the service has the best Piano removalists service in Greenslopes, Brisbane. We relocate these oversized items with the utmost care and pre-planned techniques which defines our quality of service and professionalism.

Interstate Removalists Service

Whether you are moving from Greenslopes, Brisbane to Melbourne or Greenslopes, Brisbane to Sydney, or anywhere in Australia, Moving Champs, Greenslopes, Brisbane provides you with the best Interstate removalists service experience. We assure you of the safety and security of your belongings and reliability on our team throughout the moving journey. We also provide warehousing facilities, 24*7 monitoring, an attentive and energetic team that can easily resolve all the transit issues. With us, you would never be doubtful or stressful to move interstate.

Frequently asked questions

Do you move plants?

Yes, Moving Champs do move plants. We use tissues to cover plants so that their branches won't break or leaves won't fall. After that, we wrap the plant with pot and box it. We make sure to bring the utmost care with each of your belongings.

Will my goods be unpacked after the relocation?

Yes, Moving Champs unpack your belongings at the final destination and relocate it as per your demand. We make sure to give 100% moving satisfaction to our customers.

Why should I choose Moving Champs over other removalists in Greenslopes, Brisbane?

Moving Champs has well-trained removalists, consists of a wide range of services, gives its customer 100% service satisfaction, special techniques for art and antiques safe shifting, premium offers and discounts and advanced features which not every removalists has in Greenslopes, Brisbane.

Do you have any hidden charges?

No, Moving Champs don't have any hidden charges. We have adopted a full transparency policy. Our team first scrutinizes your property then gives you our final price quotation which is unchangeable. We deal in a professional manner and do not leave any sign of dissatisfaction with our customers.

Am I expected to serve refreshments to the removalists during the move?

No, it's not necessary, though a cup of coffee or some cold drink on hot days is always appreciated.

How long does it usually take to relocate all the stuff?

Our team first examines the property, plans everything out, then explains to you how they will move and how much time you can expect it to take. We never take longer than the estimated time.

Do you also move sculptures?

Yes, Moving Champs do move sculptures. We use bubble wrappings, carefully fill the spaces with shredded papers, box it well, in fact, double box the sculpture if needed. Moving Champs understand the complication in transporting your beautiful art and antiques or sculptures. We provide the best art and antique handling and moving services throughout Greenslopes, Brisbane.

Can you relocate at short notice?

Moving Champs has 10 techno size moving trucks, and has the experience of moving 2000 houses over the past 8+ years. We are experienced in relocating at the minimum time possible. If you want to relocate as soon as possible, do contact us today. Moving Champs is always there for all your queries.

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Brisbane Removalists Services

Our removalists service is always preferred first before anyone else services. We provide packaging, transportation, and rearranging.

Nationwide Service

We have a well-spread removalists network all over Australia. It does not matters in which part of the country you are, we are always available at your servicee.

Fast Service

Our professionals, as well as the core labors, are well trained to make the relocation process efficient and fast for you, we work within the minimum time possible.

Easy Moving

Being well trained our teams' first plans and then works on it which makes the process easier and smooth going without any stress.

24*7 Customer Support

Our customer support is always available to you. You can contact us anytime for any kind of queries or issues. Our team will always be there to help you. Call 1800 849 008


Testimonial Best Removalists Brisbane

Services are Affordable and Best. They organized things pretty well. Love the work they did. I highly recommend Moving Champs.

Testimonial Best Removalists Brisbane

This moving company has the best workers. I am amazed at the great work you guys did. I respect the way you coordinated.





We understand your needs. We know it is difficult for each and everyone to pack all the belongings as it takes time and becomes stressful while doing it. But now you are at the right place as here you would not have the stress anymore as we have a removalists team in Brisbane who are great at this work and affordable. They make sure that they do the packaging on their own and remove all the stress that you might have to go through. We pack all your property and after relocating it to the new place we also make sure that our teams do the unpackaging too. All we believe is to fulfill our client's demands for their good experience.

FAST & SMOOTH Brisbane


Being a professional removalist team, all our work is first analyzed then proper planning is made to ensure that the process is done in the shortest time possible. Our team leader sets small goals for every member of the team. By this, there isn't any confusion and every member knows what their task. This makes the process go smoother and by this kind of teamwork, we make sure all the work is done properly without any kind of difficulty. This protocol that our removalists team in Brisbane follows, reduces your stress over as well as our teams. In this way, things go faster and smoother.



Long-distance moving is a bit difficult as compared to the short distance. When we talk about interstate moving as one needs proper documents and needs to follow the policies that the government implements. We have a wide network in Australia that makes it easier for us to provide you the best removalists service. In interstate or any long-distance moving our removalists team from Brisbane makes sure the work is done within time. It is important to secure your property in long-distance moving. Our team makes sure that everything is secured and reaches the destination on time.


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