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BathTub Removal Services in Herston

BathTub Movers Service Herston, Brisbane

If you want to move your BathTub, SPA Tub or Hot Tub, the easiest way is to hire a professional removalists service. This will protect you from the risk of damage and loss of time. Movers Champs Removalists service Herston, Brisbane covers almost all types of furniture in its Furniture Removalists services, be it Bed, Piano, Fridge/Refrigerators, Wardrobe and Pool table.

Moving Champ Herston, Brisbane consists of the skilled team of removalists being chosen after a long process of hiring and practical test which shows that we do not compromise with proficiency and safety.

Moving Champs Herston, Brisbane has the latest tools and machines necessary for a smooth movement within the given time and in a cost-effective manner. We are the AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalists Association) approved. We have experience of more than 8 years in the removalists service. Moving Champs is a well known and reputed removalists service provider currently in the market.

How do "Moving Champs" move a BathTub and SPA Tub/Hot Tub?

1. Measurements

First, we take a measurement of your BathTub and SPA Tub to see if it fits the truck size or not. The BathTub and SPA Tub can fit vertically into the truck or can sit horizontally on the surface. We provide a truck size from small to large with a loading ramp, which helps us to load it without any dent or damage.

2. Exit path examination

We examine the exit path to ensure an easy and clean movement. The path should be free from any obstacle, like an object, curves, slippery surface, carpet on the surface, etc plus we measure length and breadth the exit doorways by which the BathTub and SPA Tub is moving to the transport vehicle.

3. Disconnect the Hot Tub

We disconnect the Hot Tub before the movement and ensure no cord is hanging. If the cord is left hanging, it could be dangerous for the rest of the process and raises the risk of mishappenings.

4. Drain the BathTub and SPA Tub

After disconnecting the BathTub and SPA Tub it comes safer for us to dry the BathTub and SPA Tub thoroughly. We drain the hot Tub using the side panels and if some water remains we use Bath towels or all-purpose cleaner to soak the water. Which brings us to the next step.

5. Placing Plywood sheets

After thoroughly drying our BathTub and SPA Tub, we move to the critical part. For this part, our 4 removalists lift the BathTub and SPA Tub and carefully slide the plywood under the surface of the BathTub and SPA Tub/hot Tub. To make the BathTub and SPA Tub move smoothly to the dollies we use plywoods. Placing the plywood does two wonders, first, it protects the BathTub and SPA Tub's surface from getting dented and second directs a smooth and safe flow to the dollies.

6. Moving the BathTub and SPA Tub

With the help of our 4 removalists, we place the furniture dollies beneath the BathTub and SPA Tub or Hot Tub. We use the quantities of dollies depending upon the size of the BathTub and SPA Tub. But on average, at least 2 dollies are used. For extra protection, we secure the BathTub and SPA Tub with the help of furniture straps. We safely place the BathTub and SPA Tub inside the truck. Our skilled removalists give an extremely sharp in transit attention to the process until your BathTub and SPA Tub reaches the final destination.

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Services are Affordable and Best. They organized things pretty well. Love the work they did. I highly recommend Moving Champs.

Testimonial Best Removalists Brisbane

This moving company has the best workers. I am amazed at the great work you guys did. I respect the way you coordinated.





Our furniture removalists Brisbane understand your needs. We know it is difficult for each and everyone to pack all the belongings as it takes time and becomes stressful while doing it. But now you are at the right place as here you would not have the stress anymore as we have a removalists team in Brisbane who are great at this work and affordable. They make sure that they do the packaging on their own and remove all the stress that you might have to go through. We pack all your property and after relocating it to the new place we also make sure that our teams do the unpackaging too. All we believe is to fulfill our client's demands for their good experience.

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Being a professional removalist team, all our work is first analyzed then proper planning is made to ensure that the process is done in the shortest time possible. Our team leader sets small goals for every member of the team. By this, there isn't any confusion and every member knows what their task. This makes the process go smoother and by this kind of teamwork, we make sure all the work is done properly without any kind of difficulty. This protocol that our removalists team in Brisbane follows, reduces your stress over as well as our teams. In this way, things go faster and smoother.



Long-distance moving is a bit difficult as compared to the short distance. When we talk about interstate moving as one needs proper documents and needs to follow the policies that the government implements. We have a wide network in Australia that makes it easier for us to provide you the best removalists service. In interstate or any long-distance moving our removalists team from Brisbane makes sure the work is done within time. It is important to secure your property in long-distance moving. Our team makes sure that everything is secured and reaches the destination on time.


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