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Man with a van Service in Herston

Man and a van removalists in Herston, Brisbane

If you want to move small quantity items and look for small scale removalists service providers but are confused whether you'll get quality service or not, you are at the right place! We the "Moving Champs" provide the best quality service across Australia. For us, no move is big or small and we provide the same quality of service each time. Moving Champs Herston, Brisbane provides a range of services including a man with a van removalists service. A man with a van removalists service is well suited for small scale movements like moving a few home utilities be it kitchen appliances or your wardrobe. Moving champs has a well-built reputation in the market. Our team works dedicatedly and attentively each time making a move. We have served more than 2000 houses and offices to date and are proud to say we have delivered 100% customer satisfaction.

Moving Champs, Herston, Brisbane does not compromise with the quality of service as for us professionalism in the service is the first priority and we believe quality comes when the work is done with perfection. We relocate both locally and in interstate. Moving Champs have a team of chosen ones who had been selected after passing a variety of skill tests. Talking about the skills, our team is well trained and is working for more than 8 years now. Moving Champs use the latest tools and techniques as per the changing world's needs. We are the AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalists Association) approved. AFRA is an association that certifies the removalists who have the requisite team and vehicles. AFRA examines the accredited removalists who possess the qualities and stand according to the set parameters.

Reasons to hire Man with a van service-

  1. Cheaper- Man with a van service is much cheaper because it eliminates the costing/ overheads. The service will include the cost of the van, driver, insurance and van's fuel only.
  2. Available on short notice- Large removalists services take time to cover the process and advanced booking should be at least before a week or more. Man with a van service consumes less time or we should say on a tweak of your finger.
  3. Suits your requirements- Man with a van removalists service is a tailored service that best suits the customer requirements and made only for flexible and customized needs.

1 Man with a Van Removalists Service Herston, Brisbane

Moving Champ provides a range of services with the same proficiency and interest. We do not deem any movement small or big. We believe that each step defines success in its own way. We believe in giving our best at each step no matter how big or small it is.

Talking about Our Man with a van service, we opt for a steady availability, on-time completion, secure movement, and safe relocation. Our man is prompt, efficient, reliable, cost-effective, experienced, strong and attentive.

Our man with a van can help you with-

  1. Kitchen utility removals
  2. Television removals
  3. Office removal like desktops or printers
  4. Couch removal
  5. Mattress and carpets removals
  6. Toy Cars and Bikes


If you hire our Man with a van service you will get the best packaging material. Moving champs use unique packaging for different material types like bubble wrappings, thick cardboard boxes, hard crates, moving blankets, plastic wrapping sheets, packaging tapes, etc.

2 Men with a Van Removalists Service Herston, Brisbane

If you're feeling confused about hiring 1 Man with a van service and thinking that your items are a bit more and oversized for a man to handle and transport, you are at the right place! Moving Champs, 2 Men with a van service is apt for an average-sized home that is 2-3 bedrooms. Our 2 men with a van are specifically trained for an average size Man And Van needs. They can handle removal of an entire medium-sized family with great ease.

Our 2 Men with a van can help you with-

  1. Piano removal
  2. Pool Table Removal
  3. Air Conditioner
  4. Dining table removal
  5. Sculpture Removals
  6. Washing Machine removal
  7. Small to medium size wardrobe removal
  8. Refrigerator removal
  9. Single size Bed removal
  10. Office removals like desktop, printers, furniture, etc

Size of Vans available in Man with Van Service Moving champs, Herston, Brisbane

Small size van-

This van can transport luggage and small packages. The packages of the average box size should not be more than 10. These vans are often used by manufacturers to transport their goods. These vans are also suitable for a person with quite a big luggage. And these are easy to park as well.

  1. Length- 3.5ft
  2. Width- 4.8ft
  3. Height- 3.9ft
  4. Payload- 600-900kg

Medium size van-

Medium size van is best for transporting house and furniture removal like a couch, air conditioner, dining table, television, office desktops, etc.

  1. Length- 7.8ft
  2. Width- 5ft
  3. Height- 4ft
  4. Payload- 1200 kg

Large size van-

By far large size vans are the most frequently used vans for Man with van service. These vans have the capacity to locate 2-3 sized bedrooms or a medium-sized family's belongings such as Wardrobe, single and queen-sized bed, a piano, fridge, small-sized bathtub, etc.

  1. Length- 11.1ft
  2. Width- 5ft
  3. Height- 5ft
  4. Payload - 1200-1500 Kg

Why choose "Moving Champs" Man with Van service?


Moving Champs Herston, Brisbane has served approximately 2000 Australians and is well known in the market. Having served 8 plus years, we have been providing the same quality of service each and every time leaving no stone unturned for any disappointment. We are experienced and never compromise with our set standards. We are providing the cheapest yet most successful and professional Man in Van service across Australia.

Steady availability-

Moving Champs man with van service is just a call away. We provide the fastest man with van Removal Services in Herston, Brisbane. We locate your belongings locally as well as in interstate. Our Man with a van will come to you whenever required. He will get you the quote on the spot and a set timeframe as well.

Experienced Man-

Moving Champ man with a van service provider has a comprehensive set of skills. He can perform tasks like disassembling, packing, loading, safe transporting, unloading and relocating. He is well equipped with the tools and techniques and has measuring skills. He is strong, has experience of 8 plus years, Knowledgeable, steady, and with all that, a professional.

An Insurance Cover-

Our Man with a Van is experienced and well-practiced and proficient. He will make sure that none of your belongings would get damaged. But still, to console our customers we provide an Insurance cover. You can claim for the damaged item within 24 hours after your belongings get relocated.

Pet relocation-

Pet relocation is one of the most important and sensitive relocations. Pets are relocated for a number of reasons like moving to a new house, giving to the new owner, medical requirements, family vacations, etc. We understand your requirement in such a case and we know that not every man with a van service provider or removalists in Australia provides pet relocations. But our Man with a van service does, what no one does. We provide safe relocation of your pet whether it's 4 legs or 2 legs. We cover each of the removalists services with a big spirit to give maximum satisfaction to our customers.

Frequently asked questions on Man with Van Service Herston, Brisbane

How can I hire your Man with van service?

It's very simple. You can either send us a message on our website or call us on 1800 849 008. We provide Man And Vans, office removals, furniture removals, Interstate removals, pool table removals, and piano removals.

What is a suitable van size for me?

On our website we have given all the details about the van sizes, you can check whichever suits you the best or just contact our customer care number and get your queries solved in seconds.

When will I get my booking confirmation?

You can get your booking confirmation whilst working hours. After the booking, we will send you a confirmation mail to your provided email ID. After the booking, we will contact you within 20-30 min. If you don't get any confirmation, contact us on 1800 849 008 as early as possible.

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Testimonial Best Removalists Brisbane

Services are Affordable and Best. They organized things pretty well. Love the work they did. I highly recommend Moving Champs.

Testimonial Best Removalists Brisbane

This moving company has the best workers. I am amazed at the great work you guys did. I respect the way you coordinated.





Our furniture removalists Brisbane understand your needs. We know it is difficult for each and everyone to pack all the belongings as it takes time and becomes stressful while doing it. But now you are at the right place as here you would not have the stress anymore as we have a removalists team in Brisbane who are great at this work and affordable. They make sure that they do the packaging on their own and remove all the stress that you might have to go through. We pack all your property and after relocating it to the new place we also make sure that our teams do the unpackaging too. All we believe is to fulfill our client's demands for their good experience.

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Being a professional removalist team, all our work is first analyzed then proper planning is made to ensure that the process is done in the shortest time possible. Our team leader sets small goals for every member of the team. By this, there isn't any confusion and every member knows what their task. This makes the process go smoother and by this kind of teamwork, we make sure all the work is done properly without any kind of difficulty. This protocol that our removalists team in Brisbane follows, reduces your stress over as well as our teams. In this way, things go faster and smoother.



Long-distance moving is a bit difficult as compared to the short distance. When we talk about interstate moving as one needs proper documents and needs to follow the policies that the government implements. We have a wide network in Australia that makes it easier for us to provide you the best removalists service. In interstate or any long-distance moving our removalists team from Brisbane makes sure the work is done within time. It is important to secure your property in long-distance moving. Our team makes sure that everything is secured and reaches the destination on time.


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