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Furniture Removal Services in Kelvin Grove

Furniture Movers in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

Moving to a new house comes with ample responsibilities like organizing your mails, abundant paperwork, uprooting your family, buying the packaging materials, packing and boxing your things, moving your furniture, and whatnot. It comes with emotional and mental stress as well, like leaving your old comfortable place, leaving your friends, warm settings, memorable surroundings, etc. In that situation, most people get tense and panic, which leads to noncompletion of work and a waste of time. Because the whole moving process requires pre-planned steps and organizing skills for efficient and smooth flow. Moving or shifting to a new place sounds fun and exciting but it isn't so. But, as you start the process, you gradually come to know that it isn't going as per your idea or you might take a long time as per your estimations.

When it comes to shifting your furniture, like your Bed, Fridge, Bathtub and your Wardrobe, this process becomes a lot more strenuous and exhausting. But to evade all those efforts and make your moving process effortless, Moving Champs provides the best Furniture removalists service in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. We "Moving Champs" are providing the best local and interstate, house, furniture, pool table, piano, and office removalists services throughout Australia.

Having worked in the removalists service industry for more than 8 years, and served 2000 plus houses, we are the most trusted and reliable removalists in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. We provide packaging, moving and secure storage services with 100% efficiency at the least price. Moving Champs do not compromise with the quality of service and keep 24*7 monitoring on the items in transit whether local or interstate.

Benefits Of Hiring Moving Champs Furniture Removalists Service


Often it has been seen that some removalists service providers give their time estimations to the customers but fail to be on time. No one likes to experience an overdue or late removalists service on a moving day.

Moving champ furniture removalists service is never behind time. We possess the most reliable and punctual team, who never delays. Our goal is to give 100% service satisfaction to our customers. In fact, our team gives a "be-ready" call 30 minutes before arrival, so that you prepare yourself.


Moving Champs, Kelvin Grove, Brisbane focuses on both labour-intensive as well as machine intensive techniques. Moving Champs only hire a skilled and experienced candidate for the service. We don't hire anyone below experience of 5 years. We are very aware of the risks involved in moving your valuable items, like your Bed, Fridge, Wardrobe or Bathtub, etc. Our team is well skilled in the service and cooperates with our customers very well throughout the transit just to make the customer feel stress-free.

Moving Champ consists of experienced lifters, well trained and equipped with the latest technologies and machines, professional packers, mechanical team for any in-transit mechanical emergencies, who are upskilled in giving on the spot solutions. Our team makes sure that none of our customers feel even the tiniest of disappointment with our service.



Most often people hire small- scale removalists who don't possess sufficient machinery needed for an efficient and structured moving process. And this leads to breakage, denting and damage to furniture.

Moving Champs comes with not only sufficient but the right equipment necessary for the safe moving process. Moving Champs are well equipped with the requisites for well-ordered furniture removalists process like Lifting Equipment, Hand trolley, Lifting Straps, Door Stops, Hydraulic Tailgate lift, Wardrobe, and piano trolleys, Dolly or Flat trolley, etc.


Moving a bed consists of a series of steps. First, we pull out the beddings and box them. After that, we roll the mattress in a cylindrical shape and bind them with a thin binder, which helps in protecting the foam of the mattress from any sort of cracking. Next, we remove the bed's frames and gently store them in a settled and secure place where it will be easier for us to move. After the removal of frames, it becomes much easier to disassemble the headboard and footboard. We unscrew the headboard and footboard which leads us to the final part of the frame, Railings.

After the dismantlement, we place all the knobs, screws and bolts in a secured place. We use blankets for covering the parts as wood is porous in nature and using a plastic wrapping sheet could damage its surface. Blankets, on the other hand, give a much softer touch to the wood. Wrapping the plastic sheet after a coat or blanket gives the double layer protection to the wood.


Before moving a Fridge it is mandatory that the fridge is defrosted and clean. After that, all the removable parts like ice containers, drawers, door baskets, levelling screws, glass shelves, and trays, are wrapped and boxed aside. We bind the fridge with the straps so that it won't open while moving the fridge in transit. Which now brings us to the last part moving the fridge with the help of a flat moving trolley. We place the trolley under the fridge and slowly and carefully move it down to the vehicle.


First, we allow Bathtub to dry up. After that, we cover the bathtub with moving blankets and a double coat with plastic wrappings. Then with the help of dollies, we slowly move the bathtub to the moving vehicle and place it.


The wardrobe is a very large part of your furniture. First, we start with packing the smaller parts of your wardrobe like hangers, hanger rods, valet rods, shelves, and closet supporters, etc with a plastic sheet and box them. Any breakable parts like small mirrors etc are wrapped with the bubble wrap and boxed. After all the packing we secure strap the wardrobe and move it with the help of transport dollies.

Moving Champs Office Removalists Service

At Moving Champs we provide the best and secured office removalists service. Our team provides high- security and warehousing facilities as we understand that the estimated storage time might change. Moving Champs has a team spread across Australia.

Our warehousing and storage areas are well humidified and temperature-controlled leaving no stone unturned to provide the best temporary warehousing facilities. We possess professional moving tools and equipment and serve both small or big offices.

Moving Champs warehousing facilities include:

  1. 24/7 security monitoring
  2. State-of-the-art alarm system
  3. CCTV coverage and recording
  4. Restricted monitored access and entry control systems
  5. Daily lock integrity checks
  6. Shelving and painting rack storage options
  7. Electronic inventory and tracking services

Moving Champs Furniture Removalists Service

Moving Champs provides the best Furniture Removalists service in the whole of Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. We relocate your delicate art and antiques, sculptures, bed, wardrobes, hot tubs, piano, pool table, Fridge. We are AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalists Association) Licensed removalists. Moving Champs have 10 techno specialized moving trucks to carry your heavy and bulky households smoothly and effortlessly and with zero risks of damage approach. We have been serving for more than 8 years in the removalists service. We have 10 techno trucks available to relocate your oversized and bulkiest of furniture. Our aim is to bring our customers the finest removalists service in Australia.

Moving Champs offers its customers a premium quality service which includes updated technology, effective and efficient service, on-time completion of your shifting and zero damage to your valuables.

Frequently asked a question about Furniture Removal by people of Kelvin Grove, Brisbane

Will you reassemble my furniture?

Yes, Moving champs do reassemble your furniture. Our work does not limit just moving your furniture to the new place but we reassemble the furniture and place it to your desired location as per your demand. We make sure to give 100% stress-free moving experience from the beginning of the moving process, till the end.

Do you have insurance for our furniture?

Though Moving Champ has a well experienced and attentive team, we have advanced moving tools and machinery so your furniture is 100% safe in our hands. We deliver your belongings to the destination with the utmost care and security. But if somehow your furniture gets damaged you can claim it within 24 hours after the moving process is done.

Do you move home and Offices?

Yes, Moving Champs provides a comprehensive range of services to its customers. We also move house and offices.

How affordable are you compared to other removalists in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane?

Moving Champs offers tailored affordable rates and yet we don't compromise with the quality of service. We have a network across Australia and have provided our services to more than 2000 houses and Offices. We have a skilled staff, customer support service exclusively for your queries, warehousing facilities, best packaging materials, and advanced technologies.

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Brisbane Removalists Services

Our removalists service is always preferred first before anyone else services. We provide packaging, transportation, and rearranging.

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We have a well-spread removalists network all over Australia. It does not matters in which part of the country you are, we are always available at your servicee.

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Our professionals, as well as the core labors, are well trained to make the relocation process efficient and fast for you, we work within the minimum time possible.

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Being well trained our teams' first plans and then works on it which makes the process easier and smooth going without any stress.

24*7 Customer Support

Our customer support is always available to you. You can contact us anytime for any kind of queries or issues. Our team will always be there to help you. Call 1800 849 008


Testimonial Best Removalists Brisbane

Services are Affordable and Best. They organized things pretty well. Love the work they did. I highly recommend Moving Champs.

Testimonial Best Removalists Brisbane

This moving company has the best workers. I am amazed at the great work you guys did. I respect the way you coordinated.





We understand your needs. We know it is difficult for each and everyone to pack all the belongings as it takes time and becomes stressful while doing it. But now you are at the right place as here you would not have the stress anymore as we have a removalists team in Brisbane who are great at this work and affordable. They make sure that they do the packaging on their own and remove all the stress that you might have to go through. We pack all your property and after relocating it to the new place we also make sure that our teams do the unpackaging too. All we believe is to fulfill our client's demands for their good experience.

FAST & SMOOTH Brisbane


Being a professional removalist team, all our work is first analyzed then proper planning is made to ensure that the process is done in the shortest time possible. Our team leader sets small goals for every member of the team. By this, there isn't any confusion and every member knows what their task. This makes the process go smoother and by this kind of teamwork, we make sure all the work is done properly without any kind of difficulty. This protocol that our removalists team in Brisbane follows, reduces your stress over as well as our teams. In this way, things go faster and smoother.



Long-distance moving is a bit difficult as compared to the short distance. When we talk about interstate moving as one needs proper documents and needs to follow the policies that the government implements. We have a wide network in Australia that makes it easier for us to provide you the best removalists service. In interstate or any long-distance moving our removalists team from Brisbane makes sure the work is done within time. It is important to secure your property in long-distance moving. Our team makes sure that everything is secured and reaches the destination on time.


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