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We Moving Champs provide you low rates and fast furniture removalists service in Brisbane. At "Moving Champs" with relocating service we also offer additional services like packaging services, loading, and unloading. If you are planning to move your furniture, you will want to talk to Moving Champs, the most trusted, highest-rated and cheap furniture removals in Brisbane. We provide our service at the cheapest price possible in the entire market. We handle all kinds of furniture like vintage, old and new.

Our Cheap Removals services in Brisbane are friendly and affordable at all times. We know how challenging and stressful moving to a new premise might be, and that is why we make an effort to make it as stress-free as possible. You can ask for a free quote or free cost estimate and survey from us without any hesitations After that, we proceed further.
All our expert movers put a great amount of emphasis on being punctual at all times. We provide packaging, moving, removal, and storage service at the most affordable rates possible, All your precious and fragile items will be packaged and crated by our cheap furniture movers and experts with the highest possible caution so that no damage occurs, even when moving outside the limits of state(interstate)
There are some items that other moving companies might refuse to package or move, such as pianos, pool tables, etc. But we never say No to anything or anyone

Relocating heavy furniture from one place to another can be risky and more challenging for anyone. A piece of costly furniture set you packed need to be loaded carefully into the vehicle. Its no matter whether you are moving local or an interstate move, moving the large and heavy furniture requires more care and the right set of tools with professional assistance. If you are moving alone, then you could take more stress and also hurt yourself during the shifting or loading process. To avoid any damage or stress, hire our professional Brisbane furniture Removalists team. That's where comes into play as leading furniture movers in Brisbane Australia. We can pack, load and move you with all furniture safely and securely, from anywhere in Adelaide, any time. Our team of Brisbane furniture removalists in Brisbane can move your heavy and close to heart furniture with a 100% best service guarantee. In short, we treat all the far and near relocation with the same dedication and expertise.

Why hire our Brisbane furniture removalists service in Brisbane

Furniture is usually heavy and hard to handle. When it comes to vintage furniture, one needs to be an expert in the field. A professional can figure out the furniture which can be disassembled and easily moved without any kind of damage done to it. We have trained employees who are experts at their work and know-how to manage things in the best way possible. Furniture needs to be disassembled properly before moving it, to avoid any kind of damage and to make the work easier and smoother for all.

Our Brisbane furniture removalists do the work on time and make sure our client's needs are always fulfilled so that we can have a better relationship with our client and make the experience worthwhile and value of money. We provide our services at the cheapest price possible.

When we talk about moving furniture our removalists team makes sure that whatever is the distance or no matter whether it is residential removal or commercial removal furniture, our team always deals with the situation and helps you out.

Removal Process

First one of our employees visits the place to examine the furniture that needs to be moved and tells you the amount that will be charged. After this, the second step is to disassemble the furniture and start the packaging process. After the whole furniture is packed properly we load it to the transportation vehicle and our Brisbane furniture removalists team safely moves the furniture to the destination.

The next step is to start unpacking and reassemble the furniture in the new place. We make sure all the furniture is safely moved to the destination without any kind of damage or issue.

Furniture removalists Frequently Asked Questions

After you apply for the claim our concerned department will look into the damaged furniture and will recover the damage for you. You do not need to worry about it as our removalists team professionally handles these kinds of cases.

It depends upon the size of the House and the distance that is required to be covered. In interstate relocating the charges are a bit high as compared to the local relocating because the distance is to be covered is more.

    Although our Brisbane furniture removals team is always careful when we are at your removal service. This cannot happen but if in case something like this happens then you can claim for the damaged property within 24 hours after the moving process is done.
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Estimate Price

We provide a free estimate price for your convenience so that it is easier for you to calculate the rough cost and plan accordingly.

Brisbane Removalists Services

Our removalists service is always preferred first before anyone else services. We provide packaging, transportation, and rearranging.

Nationwide Service

We have a well-spread removalists network all over Australia. It does not matters in which part of the country you are, we are always available at your servicee.

Fast Service

Our professionals, as well as the core labors, are well trained to make the relocation process efficient and fast for you, we work within the minimum time possible.

Easy Moving

Being well trained our teams' first plans and then works on it which makes the process easier and smooth going without any stress.

24*7 Customer Support

Our customer support is always available to you. You can contact us anytime for any kind of queries or issues. Our team will always be there to help you. Call 1800 849 008


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Services are Affordable and Best. They organized things pretty well. Love the work they did. I highly recommend Moving Champs.

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This moving company has the best workers. I am amazed at the great work you guys did. I respect the way you coordinated.





We understand your needs. We know it is difficult for each and everyone to pack all the belongings as it takes time and becomes stressful while doing it. But now you are at the right place as here you would not have the stress anymore as we have a removalists team in Brisbane who are great at this work and affordable. They make sure that they do the packaging on their own and remove all the stress that you might have to go through. We pack all your property and after relocating it to the new place we also make sure that our teams do the unpackaging too. All we believe is to fulfill our client's demands for their good experience.

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Being a professional removalist team, all our work is first analyzed then proper planning is made to ensure that the process is done in the shortest time possible. Our team leader sets small goals for every member of the team. By this, there isn't any confusion and every member knows what their task. This makes the process go smoother and by this kind of teamwork, we make sure all the work is done properly without any kind of difficulty. This protocol that our removalists team in Brisbane follows, reduces your stress over as well as our teams. In this way, things go faster and smoother.



Long-distance moving is a bit difficult as compared to the short distance. When we talk about interstate moving as one needs proper documents and needs to follow the policies that the government implements. We have a wide network in Australia that makes it easier for us to provide you the best removalists service. In interstate or any long-distance moving our removalists team from Brisbane makes sure the work is done within time. It is important to secure your property in long-distance moving. Our team makes sure that everything is secured and reaches the destination on time.


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