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As all know, the pool table is hectic to move. In some circumstances, a billiard table weighs more than a thousand pounds and requires dislocation to move through doorways. Moreover, disassembling the pool is equally challenging. We have to dislocate corners, aprons, pocket liners, even slates to move it properly. Once it reaches its destination, we have to resemble your pool table. Your one wrong move and your billiards table could be permanent damage. Pool tables or billiard tables are oversized, costly, and cumbersome pieces of furniture. Moving one with all these attributes is not any, especially when you lack the required knowledge and perfect skill set. When moving a pool table, prerequisites are the right tools to disassemble the furniture and sufficient people with the required knowledge. The most suitable choice that comes to mind is hiring pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek to avoid the risks involved in moving such a giant piece of furniture.

As we are professional pool table movers, we are experts in disassembling and reassembling any billiard table. Our pool table removalists permanently safely relocate our customers' pool table and would be pleased to help you. Best Removals Brisbane' Pool Table Removalists in Delaneys Creek not just helps you move your giant furniture locally but interstate as well. Best Removals Brisbane is a well known and most commonly selected pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek. We offer the best and efficient pool table movers in Delaneys Creek. With all that is required to move a pool table, our pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek provide the most advanced and professional pool table removal service.

How Do Our Pool Table Removals Service In Delaneys Creek Work?

Best Removals Brisbane follow their predetermined steps for a smooth pool table removal which is oversized and needs disassembling for relocation. Our method of moving a pool table isn't different from others, but one thing which makes us stand out is our matchless quality of service. We provide impeccable quality of billiard table removal service yet the most economical one compared to others in the market.

Brief description of steps followed by Best Removals Brisbane for relocating a pool table:

  1. Examining: Before you start dismantling the pool table, we have to examine the same to check whether there is any chance of chopping the set standard plan or adding another one to the list. It prevents the chance of ill-treatment and damage. Our professionals will click photos of the railing, cushions, slate bed, pockets, and frame. The pool cue stick and balls are packed aside into the covers and boxed.
  2. Disassembling: The process of disassembling starts with separating the pockets. When separating the pockets, we have to disconnect the railing first. When the railing gets apart, it becomes much easier for us to pull apart the pockets. The pockets are attached to the railing in some pool tables, giving an independent space to move them out without pulling the railing. After parting the pockets and the railing, we detach the belt of the slate bed with the help of a staple puller which helps us smoothly pull out the cloth. After the cloth comes out, we gently fold it in prominent folds to prevent it from creasing. Next comes the opening of the slate, which loses separation with the help of a drilling machine. After the separation, we lift the slates safely and gently place them aside. It leads us to the last step, dismantling the frames. With the help of the right screwdriver, we disassemble the frame and the legs.
  3. Packaging: The most crucial step is to pack the parts the right way. We pack the loose parts like bolts and screws into plastic bags and attentively label them so that they won't get lost, creating hassle at the time of reassembling, which is more complicated than disassembling. For significant wooden parts like frames and legs, we always prefer moving blankets to pack them securely with the help of dollies. Also, the moving straps play a vital role in binding the slats together while transporting so that the slats won't open, and of course, we do the packaging using a thick plastic wrapping sheet.
  4. Reassembling And Levelling: We use the same tools for assembling the pool table for disassembling it. Our well trained and fully resourced removalists make the whole process hassle-free. We don't stop until we level up the pool table. We know how important the pool table levelling is, and most of the removalists often ignore this part leading to poor service satisfaction. We use a few practised techniques, which always work.

Why Choose Our Pool Table Movers In Delaneys Creek?

Best Removals Brisbane' pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek is the epitome of perfection. Our well-equipped team members comprise attentive, dedicated, assiduous, and diligent professionals who have been working with us for 8+ years. Best Removals Brisbane has delivered its services to 2000 Australian houses and offices.

Affordable Pool Table Movers

Our professional pool table movers do not deal with quality, trustworthy and professional services but also pay attention to the cost of a move so that anyone can enjoy our moving services at a reasonable cost. Our primary focus is that we have priced our pool table moving services at a cheap rate, and it results in the level of service our customers within their budget. Our billiards table removal services are very much competitive with our rates. Our top-class moving services do not mean a high price. Monthly, we perform a survey to ensure that our prices in this field are the best among all.

Expert Pool Table Removals Service

We are the most well known and reputed names in the removals industry. Each client has received 100% satisfaction. We are known for us all in one service display. Our team is proficient in all kinds of removalists services, and the benefits of hiring our pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek is:

  • Professional packaging team
  • Loading and unloading staff
  • Disassembling and assembling staff
  • Cleaning staff
  • Expert in mechanical services
  • Technical know-how
  • Experienced movers

Use Of The Right Removal Process

First, we disassemble the rail section and then wrap each part at the pick-up location. The second step is to successfully remove the slates and load them for transportation. After that, the legs of the pool table are separated and loaded into the vehicle. Next is to transport all the parts to the new location and successfully unload it. After reaching the desired location our pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek make sure that all the parts are successfully reassembled and the pool table is placed in the proper location.

24*7 Customer Care Service

When we say we are there for you, we are there for you no matter what time it is! We provide 24*7 customer care assistance to the people of Delaneys Creek and Australia. We will listen to you and help you solve your query. We are always there when you would need us. Our phone staff is attentive, dedicated, and trained to solve each and every query with full attentiveness and solve them by providing the best moving services.

Skilled Packing And Handling

All our pool table removalists are skilled in packing and handling. We know and have experienced moving your pool table wholly or into pieces without any hassle. This means we are skilled in disassembling your pool table without any difficulty nor matter what types and style it is. Friendly and highly trained Pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek to carry out every removal process especially handling the shifting and loading process.

Secure Pool Table Relocation

Safety of the pool table during the transition from one place to another is of utmost vitality and our Pool table movers in Delaneys Creek provide state-of-the-art facilities to safeguard your valuable pool table. The packaging material used is of premium quality to ensure the complete safety of our customer's pool table. We provide best moving van and truck removal service with extra cushioning to protect the pool table during the transportation.

Comprehensive Insurance Cover

We provide insurance cover on pool table removalists service even though Best Removals Brisbane is the best removalist company in Delaneys Creek. We have a zero-damage record. However, to assure our customers we offer an insurance cover which helps the customers to trust us. We are legally insured, registered, and licensed. And professional movers will arrive at our place a couple of days ago for a move to make ready your pool table for moving day. We will arrange the disassembly, move and installation of your billiard table so that you can focus on other essential facts of your move. If a specific item of yours gets damaged, you get 24 hours to claim for that damage. You will get a 100% refund if the damage occurs because of our mistake or negligence.

FAQs | Pool Table Removals Delaneys Creek

How much does a pool table removal cost?

To get the exact quote, we have to conduct a pre-move survey. We will check the pool table type, age, condition, and distance covered in a pre-move survey. We add extra charges if you are looking for temporary storage as well. Best Removals Brisbane' pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek do not have any hidden charges. Our quote defines the final result, and we will only give it after the inspection.

Can you provide a free quote for my pool table removal?

Best Removals Brisbane is one of the leading pool table removalists in Delaneys Creek. Our customer support service and zero hidden charges attributes bring more and more customers to us, but that doesn't end here. Yes, we provide an obligation-free quote to our customers.

Do you have any insurance cover for my pool table?

Best Removals Brisbane has served more than 2000 houses and offices and always given 100 per cent of service satisfaction to each customer. We have a zero-damage guarantee for your belongings. Whether it's your pool table or your delicate antiques, you can claim the damage within 24 hours of the relocation.

Do you charge for the travel time?

Yes, we charge when our transport vehicle exits from the depot and reaches us after the relocation. For more queries, you can contact us at 1800 849 008, or leave a message on our web portal. Yo may also send us a mail at

Will you dismantle and reassemble our pool table?

Our professional pool table mover disassembles any of your belongings, and we have to put it back together.

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