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Moving your bed to a new location can be exhausting and stressful. Every step requires extra attention to avoid damaging your property. Moving a bed is more technical and critical than you might think, and it involves a series of steps that only skilled bed movers in Brisbane can handle.

We are well-known bed removalists in Brisbane and provide the best furniture removal service Morayfield in the city. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to move your oversized furniture, including beds, fridges removalists morayfield, bathtubs, wardrobes, pianos removals morayfield, and pool tables removals morayfield. We also provide interstate removalists services in Australia with a 24/7 monitoring mechanism to ensure the safe relocation of your belongings.

Our bed movers have the latest dismantling tools, appropriate packaging materials, and moving dollies and trolleys to displace furniture. We can move beds of every size and design, and our team of fully trained bed and mattress removalists Morayfield ensures that your bed removal process happens on time and without any problems.

Best Removals Brisbane is a trusted mattress removals company based in Morayfield, specializing in commercial and non-commercial moving across Australia. We have a fleet of trucks and vans suitable for any move anywhere in Australia. From your first association with our expert movers until the fast delivery of the last item to your destination, we take utmost care of your treasures.

Our reputation as the best bed and mattress removalists Morayfield is based on our dedication to providing quality customer service. We understand the importance of your belongings and go above and beyond to ensure their safety during the move. Our reliable and friendly team of movers is responsive and attentive to your every need, making your relocation process smooth and hassle-free.

In addition to bed removals, we also offer storage and warehouse facilities that our customers trust. Our budget-friendly services make us the leading company in the region. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, which is why people trust us.

If you are looking for fridge removalists in Morayfield, look no further. Contact us at 1800 849 008 or email us at to avail of our services. You can also write to us with any query or doubt through the message portal on our website. Our customer support service will answer your question within 15-30 minutes.

Our Bed And Mattress Movers Morayfield Can Move Any Size Of Beds

Bed Type Bed Size
Single Size Bed 92x188 cm
King Single Size Bed 107x204 cm
Double Size Bed 138x188 cm
Queen Size Bed 153x204 cm
King Size Bed 183x204 cm
Super King Size Bed 204x204 cm

Best Removals Brisbane has a well-trained, docile, friendly, and dedicated team working 24*7 in the removal industry for achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

How Do We Execute Bed And Mattress Removals Morayfield?

Transforming your house into your dream home is a big task, and one of the most essential items in your home is your bed. However, relocating your bed and mattress can take time and effort, given its size and weight. But don't worry; our professional bed and mattress removalists Morayfield is here to help make your day stress-free. Our experienced bed movers have over five years of experience moving large-sized beds to short and long distances, ensuring that your valuable possessions reach their destination safely and securely.

When you choose our bed and mattress removal service, you can expect the following steps to be taken by our team of experts:

  • Removing the Beddings: Our bed movers remove all the bedding, including support pads, bed sheets, and pillows, from your bed. Afterward, they pack the bedding with a plastic wrapping sheet and box them aside, ensuring they remain clean and organized during moving.
  • Securing the Mattress: Our professional bed and mattress removals Morayfield protects your mattress during the move. We shift your mattress into a mattress protector, preventing any cuts or smudges during moving. As required, we seal the edges of your mattress protectors to protect your bed from exposure. All sheeting materials, whether mattress covers, shrink wraps, or mattress protectors, will be provided by our movers. You do not need to buy them on your own. We keep the mattress aside in a safe place where it would be easier to move.
  • Removing the Headboard and Footboard: Our expert removalists staff unscrew the headboard and the footboard (if the bed has one) to make the rest of the process much easier. Our expert removalists' staff use appropriate equipment for separating the boards, making it easy to disassemble oversized furniture. After unscrewing the headboard and footboard, we wrap both with furniture blankets to protect them from damage during the move.
  • Dismantling the Frame and Base: The frame is the base of your mattress. Our expert bed movers disassemble the bed frame with tools like Allen key and screwdrivers, securely placing all screws and bolts in a secure place. After this, we seal the base in another shrink wrap. Our bed and mattress movers Morayfield remove all the slats one by one with the help of hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, ply bars, Allen wrenches, ordinary wrenches, claw hammers (for emergencies), etc. After the disassembling, it becomes easier to remove the railings. Railings are the bed-length borders to which these slats were attached.
  • Securing the Nuts and Bolts: Our team ensures all the nuts and bolts are in plastic bags to protect them from getting lost. After placing them in a plastic bag, we put tape on it so it does not get lost during the dislocation process, and we will use this while reassembling the bed to reach the final destination.
  • Packing: We use plastic bags or wraps for loose tools and moving blankets for wooden parts of the bed, like headboards, railings, slats, etc. We always consider a moving blanket for covering wooden furniture as wood is porous, and plastic wrapping could damage its surface. We double-coat the blanket with plastic wrappings for extra protection.
  • Relocation: Our professional movers use moving dollies to smooth and safely move your bed base and any other parts of the bed. We provide the best man and van removal services morayfield to ensure the overall safety of the bed and mattress during transportation. Our bed and mattress movers Morayfield place your mattress on a solid surface or against the wall of the moving truck. We ensure not to put the mattress against any pointed things.

If you have any queries regarding Morayfield's bed and mattress removal services, you may contact us on 1800 849 008. Go to the contact section and write to us with any query or doubt of yours, or you can mail us at Or you can write a message on the portal given on our website. Our customer support service would respond to it within 30 mins.

FAQs | Bed And Mattress Removals Morayfield

Can you tell me more about your bed and mattress removal services in Morayfield?

At Morayfield Bed and Mattress Removalists, we specialize in providing efficient and hassle-free removal services for beds and mattresses in Morayfield and the surrounding areas. Whether you're moving to a new home, upgrading your furniture, or simply need to dispose of old mattresses, our professional team is here to assist you. We handle all aspects of the removal process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for our customers.

What types of beds and mattresses do you remove in Morayfield?

Our removal services in Morayfield cover a wide range of bed and mattress types. Whether you have a single, double, queen, or king-size bed, or even a specialized bed such as a bunk bed or adjustable bed, we have the expertise and equipment to handle the removal safely and efficiently. Additionally, we can remove all types of mattresses, including foam, spring, latex, and memory foam mattresses.

How do you ensure the safe removal of beds and mattresses in Morayfield?

The safety of your furniture and belongings is our top priority. Our highly trained removalists in Morayfield employ industry-standard techniques and use appropriate equipment to ensure the safe handling and transportation of beds and mattresses. We take precautions to prevent any damage to your property during the removal process. Additionally, we are fully insured, providing you with peace of mind throughout the removal process.

How can I schedule a bed and mattress removal in Morayfield?

Scheduling a removal with us is simple and convenient. You can reach out to our Morayfield-based removal team through our website or give us a call. Provide us with details about the beds and mattresses you need to be removed, including their size and any specific requirements. We will then arrange a suitable date and time for the removal. Our team will arrive promptly, equipped to handle the task efficiently and professionally.

Customer Reviews - Bed And Mattress Removalists In Morayfield

Bed And Mattress Removalists Morayfield

Best Removals Brisbane is the top choice for all your bed and mattress removal needs. Their team of skilled bed and mattress movers ensures a hassle-free and efficient moving experience. Whether you're relocating to a new home or simply need to dispose of an old mattress, Best Removals Brisbane has you covered. With their expertise and attention to detail, you can trust that your bed and mattress will be handled with care. Say goodbye to the stress of moving heavy furniture and let the professionals at Best Removals Brisbane take care of it for you. Highly recommended!


Bed And Mattress Removalists Morayfield

Looking for reliable bed and mattress removalists in Morayfield? Look no further than Best Removals Brisbane. Their dedicated team of movers specializes in mattress removals and bed moving services, providing exceptional service from start to finish. Whether you need to transport your bed and mattress to a new location or simply dispose of them, Best Removals Brisbane offers reliable and affordable solutions. With their attention to detail and careful handling, you can have peace of mind knowing that your valuable sleep essentials are in safe hands. Choose Best Removals Brisbane for a seamless and stress-free moving experience.


Bed And Mattress Removalists Morayfield

When it comes to bed and mattress removals in Morayfield, Best Removals Brisbane is the name you can trust. Their team of experienced bed movers understands the importance of careful handling and ensures that your bed and mattress are transported safely and securely. Whether you're moving to a new house or need to declutter your space, Best Removals Brisbane offers efficient and reliable services tailored to your specific needs. With their attention to detail and prompt service, you can rely on Best Removals Brisbane for all your bed and mattress removal needs. Highly recommended!


Bed And Mattress Removalists Morayfield

Best Removals Brisbane is the go-to company for all your bed and mattress moving requirements in Morayfield. Their team of professional bed and mattress removalists offers seamless and efficient services, ensuring a stress-free experience. Whether you're downsizing, upgrading, or relocating, Best Removals Brisbane has the expertise to handle your bed and mattress with care. From disassembling and packing to transportation and assembly, they take care of every aspect of the moving process. With their affordable rates and excellent customer service, Best Removals Brisbane is the trusted choice for bed and mattress removals. Don't hesitate to book their services for a smooth and hassle-free move!


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