The hardness of the job is much more reflective when you don’t know how to do it. There is no doubt, moving interstate is a difficult and exhaustive job. People often make mistakes in the process because they don’t know the best way to complete the cycle. A well thought of move executes well and makes for the scope of security and safety. Nonetheless, not hiring proficient interstate removalists can definitely prompt something turning out badly. Here are some most common missteps individuals make when they endeavour a move. 

Not hiring a professional interstate removalists

Not hiring professional Interstate removalists

Packing and handling your belongings is never going to be easy until you have done it several times before, or you are yourself a trained packer and mover. Why? Because it involves a lot of complications in doing. Not all individuals can do it on their own. From finding the appropriate packing material,  right moving trolley, labour, etc for safe removal, to loading, unpacking and moving it to your new location, it’s all very exhaustive and tiring.

DIY moving can also lead to serious injuries and losses while trying to pack and load the huge sized items on your own. It could not only damage the belongings and prompt your expenses but can also make you or your family member badly injured.

And that is when you turn your head towards searching for a proficient removals company.

Rather than doing all by yourself and creating trouble, you can simply opt for a moving company that has the experience, resources and expertise of moving several households and offices like yours.

Because of these reasons, not hiring a professional moving company for a big interstate removal, is a sure shot mistake that people commit.

Hiring the Interstate Removalists at the last moment

Last moments requires more money- don't do it

If you want to be relaxed and enjoy your move, the only way is to stay prepared for it, well in advance. Planning can actually make your removal way much easier and smoother than you might think. Packing, handling and loading is a serious job and only trained interstate removalists can perform the job, in the right manner and within the given time. So make a schedule and decide when you are going to book the moving service. You can google moving companies and check for the days they advance for prior notice.

The biggest drawback of hiring interstate removalists at the last moment is that you end up paying more.

At the point when you are racing to move your things, you may not get the occasion to bargain with them. Since at that point, your needs will change into completing your move and you may not want to miss the opportunity, not paying a couple of additional bucks.

Not asking thoroughly

Not make your doubts clear with ptofessional interstate removalists

Many of the interstate removalists in Brisbane, charge a hidden fee in the last or after the relocation. Why? Due to a lack of thorough inquiry!

Whenever we first encounter a moving company or take out time to compare quotes of a few selected, we do not ask for complete information. A company that isn’t providing information or getting comfortable about telling what consists of its additional cost, is not worthy of your time! Make sure you prepare a list of questions for addressing with your removalists. Why so?

  • It will help to understand the company’s terms and policies better
  • You will not feel cheated for paying additional money or hidden charges at the end of the relocation
  • You will better decide on what packing material will you get and of what quality?
  • How is the unloading going to happen at the new place?
  • How long will it be to complete the process?

You can also ask for a pre-move survey to better know your moving company and let them know more about your move

During the time of pandemic, you can assure your safety by asking what safety precautions are they taking? You can negotiate on quotes, etc

Not comparing quotes of other interstate removalists

Not comparing quotes

There is no lack of professional movers and packers in Brisbane. Independent of the city, you can without much trouble or hassle reach various accessible movers and packers in your city or town. In any case, not every moving company is similarly skilled or experienced. You will find both competent removal companies, who are experienced, using the latest tools and equipment, as well as companies. Who does not appropriate moving machinery as well as workers?

Not looking at and assessing a couple of interstate removalists in Brisbane could be a poorer decision you may take. So the wise choice is to make sure you don’t settle for the first moving company you come across with. Try out talking to others and taking reference with your closed ones. You can also walk down to two or three removalists near you and check on the quality of packing, trucks, labours, etc they are offering on a real-time basis.

Self Packing

Self- packaging can be more doubtful than professional packaging

You will surely be exceptionally cautious whenever packing your own belongings however the odds are you do not have the experience needed for safe and professional packaging. You are not an expert, so probably you don’t have the right and complete knowledge of packing the stuff.

“Do it Yourself” packing or “self-packing” is very time-consuming as well. You need a lot of time to properly pack all of your items and that too in time! Whereas when you hire a professional moving company who has expertise in packing all types and sizes of items, saves a lot of time plus guarantees you safe removal.

That is why hiring professional interstate removalists is always a better choice to make.

Our brand is prominent in this area for over many years. Professionals from our side had been encountered so many situations in this business that they are not anonymous to any Other condition.

Moving Champs’s Brisbane’s most trusted local and interstate moving company, helps you move anywhere in Australia with security and safety. To know more about our services you can call on 1800 849 008 or send us a mail on

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