When we talk about a pool table, all you think of “how cool that shot was” or “what a beautiful table it is”. or “What is the cost of this big size table”?

But do you ever think about how to move this pool table?

Does it need professionals? Or you do it by yourself?

There are so many questions clicking in your mind. But it’s easy to answer them all except one.

That is how to move your pool table?

Trust us its not an easy task to do. But with the help of professional pool table removal, you can shift your pool table safely wherever you want.

Moving Champs follows and encompass with all the guidelines and terms of necessary regulatory bodies for removalists in Australia. These bodies help shield the customer, comfort border regulations and build better outcomes for the customers as well as movers. 

But first,

Our team of Pool table removal makes you understand, what is the pool table?

Also, know as a billiard table. It’s a rectangular-shaped boarded table use to play the cue sports.

Due to the pool table’s large size and heavyweight, it needs a permanent open space for placing. A pool table is an object of a real expense and, you don’t want to crush any part of this delicate item out of your carelessness.

So, How our team of pool table removal will help you?

There is an easy yet informative description of how our team will help you to move your piano effortlessly.

First and foremost, don’t try to move a pool table by yourself.

Our team will hit your stipulation like a pro.

They have enough knowledge of every aspect of a pool table. From its cue balls to its leg levellers, they know it all.

Just because being in this profession for many years, they are always ready to move your any type of pool table whenever you want.

They will allow you only for one thing to do, and that is wait and watch.

What will be the process of our team of billiard table removals?

First, our team will take a good look at what kind of a pool table you have. Because not all the pool tables require the same approach for its shifting

Then they take out the blueprint of the entire area in which your pool table is placed. This will allow our team to move at a steady pace with your pool table through any path of the building before thinking twice.

This will reduce the degree of damage and time-consuming factor.

Assembling And Disassembling of a pool table.

Some pool table requires more human effort than the usual and, some require less.

Now at this point, our team of pool table mover starts, to disassemble your pool table step by step.

First Gather you’re all the tools like flathead screwdriver or needle-nose pliers, wrench and drill.

Wear a complete attire that can prevent any damage to the parts of your body.

Second, one member of our team uses the flathead screwdriver to take out the staples that are securing the pockets.

Taking them out one by one. When all the staples are removed, the member will stick the pockets in a pocket box and set aside.

Third, our team will unscrew the side rail bolts and set aside the side rail to a safe place.

Fourth, our team of billiard table removals powered by Best Removals Brisbane will remove the felt. Based on how your felt of the pool table is attached to the slate. They will remove the felt safe.

Fifth, the process of removing the slate will start. It requires heavy lifting and a right step on the ground. Because the slate can weigh up to 150 to 250 lbs.

Sixth comes to the legs. Unscrew the nuts to remove the legs of the pool table gently from there socket.  

On the part of assembling of the pool table, our team will start from the legs, then reattach the slate and the felt. Re-secure the side rails and reaffix the drop pockets to make your pool table same as it’s used to be.

Packaging and storage

Clean and stretchable blankets are used to cover the piano with varieties of boxes and soft paper for the different parts. Move by both man and mechanical means to the storage facility to keep them safe.

Transportation and cost of our team of pool table removal.

Our company Best Removal Brisbane will offer you. On-time delivery with our truck service under minimum cost. You don’t need to concern this part of our service because you will get the best pool table removal Brisbane service at the right price.

Not impressed yet?

Try to have our service and, we will give you the best pool table removing experience ever.

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